Grid, boxes, and cantilevers built in sky and air. OMA, Office for Metropolitan Architecture’s new project, MahaNakhon, a building consists of a 77-story glass tower located in Bangkok, Thailand to be complete in 2010. The skyscraper will hold both public and private homes including public plaza, retail space, a hotel, bar, restaurant, and 200 apartment homes.

Utilizing the band and box like element OMA breaks the surface of traditional sky scraper building by creating terraces and balconies shifted inward and outward to project cantilevers and urban pockets within the sky. Urban ‘skyscapes’ are introduced with new outside dining and public atriums away from the city. These new urban get aways in the sky, creates dynamic private spaces as a serene city watching zone above the grounds.


These type of architecture is not a new phenomenon, other architects have carved out boxes and grids to introduce opportunities of space and bands. An alternative proposed design is MOMA, Musuem of Modern Art New York by Axis Mundi uses a similar grid and extraction system to create a new urban scape in the sky. However compared to OMA’s design, Mundi idea and delivery utilizes pockets created and treated with grid like facade, composed unlike MahaNakon, more of an collage of art in sky; integrating famous iconic art pieces such as Andy Warhol’s Marilyne Monroe’s painting.

Both structures holds grid, box, and sky yet transposes a very different feeling. Either as a collage or skyscape, it introduces new creative spaces in the air.